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Love to travel. My favorite place is Costa Rica. But Europe and the United States is fun too. I travel with friends, family and on my own (probably 33% each).

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    Studying Spanish in Costa Rica

    Is that the geographic area that you want to be in? It's really touristy up there. But if you want Subway, that's the place to be :) Down by Montezuma (at the bottom of the same peninsula) there is a group called that seems to be doing a lot for the community. I know I've seen their staff working with local kids at the local elementary school (during regular hours) so I figure they're doing good (I might be mixing up my timeline, maybe they formerly worked at the school, but I don't think so). They're on Facebook too. The Montezuma area is awesome. My blog posts tagged about it and my photo site of Montezuma and the general area I just REALLY enjoy it down that way. There are a few other places down there too that offer Spanish, but I'd be tempted to start with them. They offer all sorts of classes. I'm planning on taking a surfing class with them next time I'm down there (next month). Gary about 9 years ago

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    I am planning a trip to costa rica. What are some non-touristic places with wildlife near the coast?

    On the pacific coast at the bottom of a peninsula there, near Montezuma, is a natural park called Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve that's supposed to be the most untouched park they have (you're limited to the paths there). It's a nice park, $10 to get in, open Wednesday to Sunday, 8 am - 4 pm. Some people will tell you it's only closed Monday, that is false, they will swear it and they are wrong; it was closed only Monday for years and they changed it a few years ago. Here are a few pictures I took there. The Montezuma area is awesome. My blog and my photo site of Montezuma and the general area Gary about 9 years ago

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    San Jose costa rica, what bus service would be safe, And reasonably priced for 4 to travel to Manuel Antonio?

    This page says San Jose to Manuel Antonio (Directo, 3.5 hours, departs from the main Tracopa bus terminal (Avenida 10, Plaza Viquez), ends in Manuel Antonio. Plus, there are times listed on the page. If you speak Spanish you could probably call I've taken the DIRECTO public bus from San Jose to Montezuma and it's around $14 and probably a lot longer drive (plus a ferry ride) so I'd guess this is a bit cheaper. The bus has air conditioning with adjustable vents like on an airplane. They check your luggage and give you a claim tag for it. I can't say that this bus is the same way, but it's cheap easy and I'd say it's very safe when I go to Montezuma. I'll point out that the page above says it's info is from February 2012 and things change. The Montezuma Directo has been from La Coca Cola for many years and they just changed it in the last few months. This page at the same site says it's the comfy Mercedes buses and says $5. These folks say say Transportes Morales runs a directo. Yes, the information is contradictory. But no one else answered so I'm trying to help :) I also use these folks They do private 10-15 person vans to transport you around and it's more door to door in my experience. But it's more expensive about $45 a person but you'd probably feel safer. I used to use them all the time, now I just use them when I don't have transport to the bus station (what's the point of the cheap bus if I have to spend $25 on a cab to get to the bus station) or the times just aren't working for me. Gary over 8 years ago