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February 2009

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    Things to do in Oslo ? Im from a country not that cold and now Im gonna move to Oslo but Im scared like hell that its totaly different world

    hello China. we doesnt have 8-9 months with snow here (maybe 3-4). just a few mountains have snow all the year. and the Glaciers. And we doesnt have icebears in the streets. Oslo aint as cold as other parts of norway. Avarage conditions Oslo I am not from Oslo, haven't lived there, im from the middle of norway (Trondheim). it doesnt looks like a glacier? There is hardly a day without a concert in Oslo. The city is recognised for its jazz scene, and the small jazz clubs offer live music several nights a week. There are many small clubs where you can hear anything from a late-night blues jam to an up-and-coming local punk band. Oslo offers a plethora of recreational opportunities for visitors. Locals like to use the surrounding forests for skiing in winter (mostly cross-country) and hiking, walking or jogging in summer. There are more than 1,550 mi/2,500 km of marked trails in the city. Oslomarka, a forest surrounding Oslo, is one of the area's most distinctive features. Although it lies north, east and west of the city, the northern part, called Nordmarka, is the most popular. It's used in winter for cross-country skiing and in summer for hiking, walking, biking and even fishing. In the coldest winter months, the streets of Oslo may be bare, but there's usually plenty of snow in the surrounding hills. In summer, the inner fjord is filled with sailboats and motorboats. Oslo is rich in parks and grassy areas where people play soccer, volleyball or cricket. There's a big swimming pool at Vigeland Park, but if you just want to sunbathe, you can find a nice stretch of grass at most parks. almost 12 years ago

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    Can someone recommend a good hotel in Bangkok?

    Ive stayed at Bossotel inn one time, I also lived one week in Chinatown on White Orchid both are comortable, but the Bossotel is newer. Had some problems with a noisy refrigerator, they fixed it the day before i leave the hotel. almost 12 years ago

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    私はタイおよび少し日本語を大いに知っていない haha 私は流暢なタイの言語を話す ご無沙汰しております。 He's asking for multilingual peoples here at travellr over 11 years ago