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We are two travel bloggers always staying in one city or country for 3 month. On our blog For 91 Days we share our experiences. We are also looking for tips!

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May 2011

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    Are Australian dollars easy to change in Sri Lanka?

    Stay away from touts asking to exchange your money from the streets. If you have to go to a bank (and I think they require your passport) and exchange your money. ATMs are reliable and we had no problems so far. It's our 5th week here now in Sri Lanka .. 5 more to go. Check out our blog: for some great tips. almost 9 years ago

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    What are some interesting ways to travel around Sri Lanka?

    If you can take trains, if you take the bus always ask if there is an Intercity.. Buses are very cheap but adventurous at times. Agree Tuk Tuks are a super fun way around. You can always haggle and do stay away from Tuk Tuks waiting at corners especially in front of hotels! If you are looking for some fun travel tips check out our Sri Lanka Blog: We are currently here for a total of 3 month and have 5 more weeks to go! almost 9 years ago

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    Is anyone traveling to Sri Lanka? Is it considered calm now from civil disturbance?

    No problems at all. You will see some military with machine guns. In Jaffna it's still a little different. It's calm and safe but soldiers are almost everywhere. Biggest threats are touts! But you will learn fast if it's just friendly local or just someone who wants your money. Check out our Sri Lanka Blog: we are still having 5 more weeks ahead! almost 9 years ago