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May 2009

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    Where is the best place to bushwalk in Blue mountain? Nothing too extreme. We're all beginner. Nice view. Nice walk. and Not extreme. Thanks

    Hi, The Prince Henry Clifftop Walk is a really nice one - its about 5kms along the clifftop and is graded 'medium'. Otherwise, if you're up for something a little longer, you can take the Giant Staircase down at the Three Sisters/Echo Point (its about 600-700 steps, but as long as you're going down, its fine - I've done it a couple of times when I was only a child), then walk along the valley floor (a track called the Federal Pass) to the Scenic Railway, which you can then use to get back to the top - it is a disused coal mining railway with one of the steepest gradients in the world - its really fun! You can then take the Prince Henry Clifftop Walk back to your starting point, near the Giant Staircase, at Echo Point. This is 7 kilometres and is graded hard, but only because of the Giant Staircase - its flat the rest of the time. You can get more information from Enjoy your holiday! Cheers, Fiona over 11 years ago

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    Where's the best fish and chip shop in Sydney...and one that does real chips as opposed to frozen ones.

    Palm Beach Fish and Chip Shop, on Sydney's Northern Beaches (AKA Summer Bay, if you watch Home and Away). Fish and Chips are nice and there is a beautiful park on the waterfront overlooking Pittwater/Broken Bay where you can watch the ferries come and go and the other recreational boaters. Park also has playground equipment, if you have kids. over 11 years ago

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    What's on in Sydney this weekend?

    Check out They've got a list of Events and you might find something of interest there. over 11 years ago