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April 2009

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    Which Indian Restaraunt is the best?

    I would have to agree with Ian on this one. I have recently been doing the rounds of all the Indian restaurants in the Hobart region and so far Tandoor Curry House has rated the best for flavour. Some other comments below: Tandoor Curry House - best butter (makhan) chicken and overall winner so far. Annapurna - best cheese naan by far. Actually has melted cheese inside the bread unlike other cheese naans offered which only sprinkle parmesan on the outside. Not the best tasting curries. Magic Curries - great Chicken Tikka Masala and a great HOT vindaloo. Flavour of India - excellent bombay beef. Other curries are nice, but the smell of incense was a bit strong. Tandoor Palace - great service, nice curries but not as good as the others. Slightly more expensive than the others also. almost 12 years ago

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    Where can I get the best coffee in the CBD?

    The best coffee in my opinion is at Oomph on Liverpool St. Most of the staff there have done advanced Barista courses and infact a couple of them finished in the top 3 in the Australian Barista Championships. They actually make and sell their own coffee there and actually supply a few places in town, Breadd and Red Bean being two of them. If you have your own espresso machine at home then I recommend you visit Oomph to purchase some of their coffee, my favourite being "Java Jo". almost 12 years ago

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    best places to eat in rartonga and Aitutuki

    Hi, I am heading to the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) in May for my Honeymoon, so I will post an answer to your question on here after that. almost 12 years ago