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May 2009

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    Best things to see in Vietnam

    Hoi An is gorgeous (if rather touristy these days) - Highly recommend going there. I've heard great things about Sapa + Ha Long Bay (though haven't been there myself). The war museums in Hanoi + Saigon are both fantastic (if confronting) if you're in to that sort of thing. Nha Trang is supposed to be the best beach, but ultra touristy - To be honest, Vietnam has better things to offer than beaches, so I wouldn't put it too high on the list. If you're in to food, Vietnam is an absolute gold mine - the French/asian fusion with all-fresh ingredients means it's just absolutely stunning. If you go to Hoi An, make sure you eat at Hai Scout cafe and Mango Rooms. Have fun! over 11 years ago

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    I want to go on a trippy-art pub crawl with my girl when she comes down to Melbourne. What bars can you recommend?

    Not necessarily exactly the same theme, but some funky/shabby chic/crazy interior recommendations off the top of my head (most in the city as the density is higher) that you might like: - E55 (Elizabeth St, City) - The Carlton Hotel (Bourke St, City) - The Croft Institute (City) - Workshop (Elizabeth St, City) - Red Hummingbird (City) - Lily Blacks (City) - Loop (Meyers Place, City) Have fun! about 11 years ago

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    Suggestions for mid-price restaurants in Melbourne CBD: especially those with nice seafood options.

    Horoki (Japanese/Italian fusion tapas - sounds weird, but is awesome - won the best dish in Cheap Eats a year or two ago). Hutong Dumpling House (book ahead) Movida Next Door (Spanish/tapas - hard to get in to, but great) about 11 years ago