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Extreme Holiday India is a leading Travel Company in India that specializes in package tours of India. Visit India with us and get ready to have a fabulous time amidst ancient monuments, elephant safaris and exotic wildlife sanctuaries.

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March 2014

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    What to wear in northern India in March

    If you are travelling out of the main tourist areas, the best and most comfortable wear are the local loose trousers and long top called Lehngas, readily available and very reasonably priced. almost 7 years ago

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    how to explore rural culture of villages near bikaner

    Bikaner in the desert state of Rajasthan in north India is also known as the ‘Camel Country’. It has acquired fame for producing the best riding camels in the world. The ship of the desert is an indivisible part of life here. Be it pulling heavy carts transporting grains or working on wells camels are the prime helpers. The wells of Bikaner, an important resource of water for the locals is other attraction of the city. almost 7 years ago

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    Travellers safety in Udaipur, India.

    As with travel to any foreign destination visitors are advised to be aware of their personal belongings especially if they have large sums of cash credit cards or are carrying their passport. Concealed money belts are a good way of hiding such items and avoiding what is quite a common occurrence pick-pocketing. However in general Udaipur is a safe place and the local people are helpful and friendly. almost 7 years ago