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February 2009

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    Where can I buy the cheapest theatre tickets for West End shows?

    lastminute.com can have some good bargains, but you'll definitely be sitting up with the gods. An alternative if you're being really last minute and don't have your iphone with you - and possibly don't mind what you're going to go see! - is to visit some of the box office places near leicester square - a little alcove with some guy happily selling you tickets for that night - whatever he has left. almost 12 years ago

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    What are some good things to do during winter in London?

    Depending upon the prevailing level of miserablness with the weather, there are lots of things to do. December through February you can go ice-skating at any number of outdoor rinks that pop up all over the place in nice locations. Right next to the Tower of London for example or in Canary Wharf and Hyde Park. Many art galleries and museums in London are free - making for a warm cultural day that's cheap - especially if its raining. As a consequence of this country being generally miserable, the general density of pubs is pretty high. If nothing else, there's usually a football match on to watch in a warm pub. almost 12 years ago

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    Which parks would you recommend for a summer picnic in London?

    If you time it well, you might be able to have a picnic in summer - just don't blink or you might miss it. Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath are very popular. Hampstead heath is a bit more unruly and has the advantage of some nice hills, trees and lakes - some of which you can swim in. almost 12 years ago