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I am a longtime Seattlite that loves to travel and have authentic experiences, local foods and the outdoors.

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July 2010

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    What is the best way to visit the Cinque Terre region (rent a car, train, etc.)?

    I would recommend the train. I have been there twice and I rented a car, but only because I was traveling to Tuscany and needed a car there. The roads are very scary, windy and narrow. The Italians don't seem to notice that there is barely enough room for two cars, so they drive like crazy on these little roads. Also, you have to park at the top of the towns (unless you are staying in Monterossa) and you have to pay a daily rate to park there and it can get really crowded in the summer. Also, you still have to take a bus or walk to your hotel. Once you park your car, you pretty much only get around via train or trail. So if you have a choice, I would take the train because it is very easy to get around via the train, it is less scary and a lot less expensive. But if you are adding it onto a larger road trip like we did it may make more sense to drive. Hope that helps! over 9 years ago

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    Border crossing Seattle to Vancouver?

    It is fairly easy, but it would be a hard day trip. I would definitely recommend an overnight in Vancouver. If you have a car it takes about 2.5 hours if there is no traffic at the border. The border can add another hour onto the trip each way. Fridays and Sundays are the heaviest traffic times. There is also a train, Amtrak, that goes from downtown Seattle to Downtown Vancouver. . There is also an online resource to see what the current wait times and a webcam showing the various border crossings. It is much easier to get into Canada and much more difficult to get into the US and therefore you have to schedule more time to get back into the states. There are two border crossings right next to each other, the Peace Arch and Pacific Highway/White Rock. Vancouver and Seattle are both great cities. Vancouver is twice the size of Seattle, so it is more metropolitan, has better shopping and is very pretty. In some ways it actually reminds me of Sydney... there is a strong Asian influence and it is a fairly modern city of about the same size of Sydney. over 10 years ago

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    Is one week enough for travelling in New York?

    Absolutely! You will get more than your fill of museums, neighborhoods, restaurants, shows, monuments and subways in a week. My only piece of advice is to not try to cram everything in and miss what is great about New York - the neighborhoods. Obviously, everyone's interests are different, but if i had to plan a vacation for someone who has never been to New York, here is where I would start. Spend one day at Ellis Island, Ground Zero and Wall Street. Pick one museum (I recommend MOMA - it has an amazing collection of some of the most famous pieces of art). Spend a day in Central Park and the Upper West Side. Spend one day exploring the Chelsea Market, Meatpacking District, Greenwich and the West Village. You can do the Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building and Times Square another day. If it works in your schedule, hit the Union Square Green Market on Saturday morning. That still leaves you with two days to fill with whatever you are into - food, shopping, music, Broadway shows, more museums, Brooklyn. Good luck! over 9 years ago