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February 2009

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    What to do and where to go while in Greece?

    Hi Rachel, what time of the year are you planning on going to Greece? and are you planing to back pack or hotel it up? i would recommend just at the start of the summer (mid june) before most of Europe goes on holidays or at the end around late August / September after uni's and schools resume! Depends on how much your interested by archeological sights, but i would give Athens 2 days then get out to the islands, they are all different in there own ways. Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, the lesser known island are cheeper to visit and far less touristy. You can Also travel down the Peloponnese peninsula through Corinth and Nafpilo (really pretty) and many other great towns. However my opinion is get out to the islands and have a blast! give Greece at least 1 to 1.5 weeks minimum, I am going back in 3 days for my third time! also The level of English is ok it the Tourist areas its Very common and nor hard to get around with very limited Greek. hope it helps Dave over 11 years ago

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    I have one week to stay in Cairns. What should I do/visit?

    even hire a 4wd and drive up to cooktown allong the bloomfield track. also visit port douglas its a great place! over 11 years ago

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    Where is the best nightlife in Croatia?

    there are also some good bars in the town of Makarska, we went to quite a few good bars there and also a club called Deep it was in a cave at the end of the bay. over 11 years ago