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    Are there flea markets in Budapest?

    Yes, there are quite a few flea markets in Budapest. The best one is the one in Petofi Hall in the 14th district. It can be a mare to get to, but it's a lovely market with genuine craftsmen, as well. Esceri Flea Market is also quite popular. It opens at 6am on Saturday and is probably the most serious flea market. It's a ways out, in the 19th district, and if you buy anything big you'll need a car or a taxi ride back into the city. This is a cool auction hall,, which you can get smashing deals on, too! Budapest also has tonnes of "Angol" shops; lots of second-hand clothes. There's a big one on Rakoczi between Blaha Luzja Ter and Keleti Palyaudvar; but on the days it gets a shipment, you need to be there well in advance! Hope this helps! about 10 years ago

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    Is it currently safe to travel to Budapest considering the toxic sludge flooding?

    I live in Budapest and I haven't experienced a single problem. To my knowledge, I haven't heard about it entering the Danube (it was a threat, but after heavy rains; it stopped moving, the biggest threat is said to be airborne when it turns to dust, but it is in a village quite far from the city). I have been drinking my tap water, eating out, and carrying about with business. I don't know anyone, Hungarian or foreigner, who is terribly afraid; seems to just be tourists, really. about 10 years ago

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    Recommendations for travel in and around Europe in October?

    Morocco and Egypt really aren't in Europe, so I don't know if they'll let you fly there... Turkey has become, in my opinion, increasingly more dangerous for foreigners; but then, the Rivera is luxury personified. For Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh is a gorgeous resort. It's tourist-y, but for the obvious reason. If you want to get off the beaten track, I'd recommend Libya and Tunisia as they both have wonderful beaches, but again: not Europe. Africa. If it is beaches you're after Europe in October isn't the best choice. The South of France (Biarritz, for example) will have stunning weather (around 70-80F), but it's cold at night. I'd recommend it first. It is, however, pricey, so if you're trying to keep it on the cheap, it might be the best location! I'd recommend Greece, too. It will still be gorgeous in terms of temperature and if you find the right island, you'll find the one to suit you best; ie clubbing, culture, art, price, etc. As this is off-season in Greece, you can get brilliant discounts, too! If Spain is your thing -- especially as you can ferry over to Morocco for a day trip -- I'd really recommend the Andaluisa region. over 10 years ago

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    Where are the best beaches near Pisa?

    I've never been, but I think any city with something as iconic as the leaning tower is going to be labeled a tourist trap, whether or not it is, because, um, tourists are going to go there. We're going to Pisa because the flight isn't much and it's near the coast, versus flying to Rome (the other option) or Venice (where we've both been a few times and adored). Reading about Pisa, I hear you can do it in a day, and we don't plan on spending time there besides a. our flight destination and b. hotel. Do you know how far is Lucca from Pisa on train? We'll be traveling by train (--which is why Siena was shortlisted as it is only 1 hour and a half or so and we've both been to Firenze before), so I guess the length and whether or not it is even accessible would be good to know! over 10 years ago

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    One week in Budapest - what to see and do?

    Wow. Must sees. Andrassy ut is a must see. Called the Champs Elysee of the East, it is a beautiful stroll and while walking it you'll see Hungarian luxury (oh wow, Louis Vuitton! Magyars do love their brands ;)), the gorgeous Opera (a must see), and it'll end, finally, at my favourite monument in Budapest, Heroes Square (my top must see). If you go behind Heroes Square, you'll enter Varosliget (city park, and also a must see), where you can visit Vajdahunyad Castle (gorgeous), check out the zoo, see one of Budapest's most famous -- and expensive -- restaurants, Gundel, the circus, and Szechenyi baths (MUST GO). On either side of Heroes Square are the Museum of Fine Arts and Palace of Arts, both of which are pretty cool. You'll need to deffo see the Parliament, which is absolutely gorgeous, and next to Lanchid (the chain bridge), which at sunset, when it lights up, is breath taking. Crossing over into Buda, you have the Castle and Gellert Hill. The Castle has fantastic views from Fisherman's Bastion and Mattias Church is well worth a poke around. The statues and art of the castle are lovely. Gellert Hill is a nice hike that takes you to the liberty statue and also offers a stunning view of Pest below. The island in nice weather is deffo good to see, but not a must see. It's mostly people enjoying their weekends outside and/or having a drink. Renting a bike for two on it is heaps of fun, though! The Jewish quarter is lovely and the Synogogue is the biggest in Europe, it's an incredible sight to behold. The Terror House, also on Andrassy, is my favourite museum and a definite must see for anyone who visits. Gerbeaud, the famous bakery, is worth every penny, and it'll put you on Vorosmarty Ter which back ends with tourist street, Vaci, at Vorosmarty Ter, there are often markets (depends when you come), and heaps of shopping. over 10 years ago

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    What are the best wineries to visit in Hungary?

    Erm, any specific location? I very much like the wineries out in Eger, but it's not downtown Pest, so depending on how far you want to travel (and your method of travel; ie, train, renting a car, taking a bus). Tokaj wine is infinitely the most famous, so if you can get there: highly recommended. Most of the dry red wines favoured by expats are out of Villany. :) over 10 years ago

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    Best night spots in Budapest?

    Depends on what kind of entertainment you're looking for. I typically stay in the 6th and 7th districts and I prefer the "kert" bars (ruined apartment buildings turnt into two level bars - only way to describe them!); however, as summer is here the open air bars and the island will become increasingly more popular. I wouldn't recommend crossing into Buda unless you're staying there or you really want to visit something specific as public transport can become a nightmare. A38, however, is well worth a visit, but it's right on the river and the 4-6. The most popular areas for tourists seem to be Raday utca and Liszt Ferenc Ter and while they're deffo nice and you'll feel quite posh and very trendy, they have the price tag attached. They're all more to be seen and to see. Popular bars, in general, include: the famous Szimpla Kert (kert bar) and then Instant and Mumus, the other two quite popular kert bars (I recommend Mumus), you have Holduvar on the island, as well as Cha-Cha-Chad. Romkert is having a real renaissance and so is West Balkan. For a little more upscale and to schmooze, Bar Domby and Boutique Bar are quite groovy. Moulin Rouge and B7 are club atmospheres (but that's not my forte). If you don't stray from the 6th district and the 7th, you'll be fine. Lots of places to try and explore and always loads of people. Some of the little side streets will be quite dark, but I promise it isn't bad. Avoid the 8th district and the Blaha Luzja underpass if you do go to Corvinteto. I'd rather battle traffic than anything underneath there! Hope that helps! over 10 years ago

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    What are the best pubs in Budapest ?

    The most popular tend to be Szimpla (which I don't much like, it's mostly tourists nowadays), Instant, Mumus, Corvinteto, Kiado, Caledonia or the Guinness House (for sport -- mostly all foreigners, but fabbity if you want to meet the local UK contingent!), Godor, Jelen, Vittula (my favourite!), Koleves kert, Szoda, Kuplung, Siraly (absolutely cracking place), Lampas... When the summer is on, it's off to the island for most of us. Holduvar, ho! almost 11 years ago