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June 2009

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    How do I get from Perth to Boddington using public transport?

    Probably catch the bus from Perth to Crossman: This info is on the transwa website here: It is about a 20 min drive to Boddington from there. Sorry but not too sure if this is the best way to get there as we don't use public transport much. Another option to investigate is getting the train to Bunbury and then seeing if there is a bus from Bunbury to Boddington. almost 11 years ago

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    what's the best food court in singapore?

    There are many areas to eat but for atmosphere and price I thought the best area was on the outskirts of Chinatown where they close off the streets in the evening and set up long tables and benches for people to eat at. Sorry, can't remember the street names but in the area of Sago and Smith Streets. almost 11 years ago

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    Any tips re: safest way to transport 1 and 2yo children from Singapore airport to CBD in taxi? any taxis with child restraints

    Hi, The taxis we used, and saw, when there were all pretty old, basic cars. I certainly didn't see any child restraints (not that we needed them!). The traffic flow is pretty good and roads safe but you probably would prefer restraints. Have you tried contacting the hotel to see if they can assist? The other option is to use the train but the kids are just as unrestrained in them as in a car. When we came through customs there were a lot of people waiting to 'pick up' passengers. ie non taxis who charged a negotiated rate for transporting you. Perhaps you may find one of them that has restraints - it's possible they will approach you with the suggestion of transport and that they have restraints but you will need to negotiate hard to get a fair rate. Good luck! over 10 years ago