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Christopher Gow

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After 5 years travelling South East Asia from 1988 to 1993, I started Symbiosis Custom Travel, an eco-sensitive, socially responsible travel company focused on trying to minimise the negative impacts of tourism while distributing the earnings from it more equitably to those who need it.

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Cambodia Phnom Penh, Cambodia


February 2011

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    How can I get a business visa from Cambodia once in the country?

    I don't think you can. Well not without "knowing" someone in Immigration and paying something. Best to go out and pay $5 more for a business visa the next time you come in. almost 10 years ago

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    Is it better to book Angkor tours before or after I arrive in Siem Reap?

    Best way to see the temples of Angkor is by mountain bike. Get away from the roads and the minibuses (and tuk tuks), seek out tracks and trails, hidden villages, approaching the temples from the "blind side" where the crowds are not. Best way to do that is to join a small group with a cycling guide who knows the hidden trails or, if there are more than one of you, pre-book your guide. If there are enough of you, a support vehicle can shadow you on the nearest road carrying water, fruits and tired riders... and tool kits should the bikes go wrong. If this all sounds up your street, let me know and I can find you a good, knowledgeable biking guide over 7 years ago

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    were two pretty fit people looking at going on a trekking/bike riding/ canoeing adventure through the mountains/jungle where should we go?

    I live in Cambodia and organise adventures here. You can check out my website at An excellent adventure is to kayak and bike down the Mekong River from Southern Laos to Phnom Penh, taking a detour to Ratanakiri province, northeast of Cambodia near to Vietnam, to go trekking where there are various mountain tribe people. If interested further, please contact me through my website. about 8 years ago