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June 2013

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    Is there bus from Shenzen bay port to Macau?

    Hi, there are three ways to Macau from Shenzhen: 1 take the ferry to Macau from Shenzhen Shekou Terminals 2 take the ferry to Macau from Shenzhen Airport Fu Yong Ferry Terminal 3 take bus to Zhuhai Gongbei and then transfer to Macau. over 7 years ago

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    How do I get from Xi'an to Huashan? Is it recommended for me to stay a night on the mountain? What is the best way to experience the place?

    You can take a bus at the Xi'an train station to Yuquanyuan, which is at the foot of Mount Hua, there are also trains to there. Generally speaking, visitors are recommend to climb the mountain from about 10 p.m., because the Mount Hua (Huashan) is famous for its dangerous, so that they will climb to the peak at round sunrise, visitors don't need to worry about the danger of night climbing, there are many other visitors together and lights are available long the way. But it will be rather tired to climb the whole way, you can also take the cable car up to the mountain or down the mountain. over 7 years ago

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    Going on a family holiday to Hong Kong with daytrips to Shenzhen - which has the better shopping and what to do in shenzhen?

    As to Shopping, I'm afraid Hong Kong is better than Shenzhen, even many people in Shenzhen prefer to go to Hong Kong for shopping, clothes, electronic products, and daily necessities. Shenzhen has some interesting places for travelers, such as the Happy Valley, OCT. East, Splendid China & Chinese Folk Cultural Village, Window of the World etc. Dongmen Pedestrian Street is also a must-go if you come to Shenzhen, have fun! over 7 years ago