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I truly get depressed when I don't travel! I just love discovering and exploring so much!

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August 2012

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    First timer to be to china can someone please advise business districts and places for business activities in china for trading and import

    It depends what products you are looking for. In Guangdong province for example, Humen, near Guangzhou is known for clothes wholesaling and the nearby Shenzhen is known for electronics. Check out or which has infor on wholesale and retail markets in Guangdong. The previous suggestion is a good one too, there are several trade fairs through the year, at these you can see many products and talk to many manufacturers in one place. The biggest is the Canton Fair see over 8 years ago

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    Will I be able to use credit cards in most places in china?

    Which city? I would not say most. Most places accept local credit cards but some have issues with foreign cards, you should be OK in any major department store or large franchises. Cash always works really well for me in China! I can draw from many ATM's such as ICBC bank, China Construction bank, Bank of China and a few others. over 8 years ago

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    What can I expect from the flea markets here in Gold Coast?

    Carrara is the biggest, the ones at Surfers Paradise every wed and fri night are just small craft markets, but interesting nonetheless... over 8 years ago