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Bryan Tighe

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I've visited about 50 countries. My wife and I founded and I'm addicted to photography.

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United States Raleigh, North Carolina, United States


March 2012

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    Advice/Tips on traveling in India?

    Prepare to be overwhelmed. Pack light and travel slow. Don't expect to be able to get around quickly unless you fly, as even the trains are slow. Negotiate for prices for everything. Don't eat dairy or you are likely to get some type of food-borne illness or stomach problems. Perhaps if you ask a more specific question, you'll get more specific answers? over 7 years ago

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    How far to drive to San Francisco from Vegas

    According to Google Maps, It's about 8.5 hours:,+NV&daddr=San+Francisco,+CA&hl=en&sll=36.114646,-115.172816&sspn=0.564126,1.056747&geocode=FdYQJwIdMJoi-SnRffWkgre-gDGjebPV5tXMOg%3BFVJmQAIdKAe0-CkhAGkAbZqFgDH_rXbwZxNQSg&oq=san+franc&mra=ls&t=m&z=8 over 7 years ago

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    what's it like in Africa?

    Africa is extremely diverse. West Africa is colorful, yet generally poor. East Africa has countries known for their wildlife, Central Africa is like a jungle, and Southern Africa has amazing scenery and wildlife as well. North Africa is like the Middle East. Every country is different, but most are poor. If you visit, expect to see poverty. However, in my opinion, it's important that people see how the rest of the world lives. Transportation can be difficult or absent. Often traveling in Africa involves camping or staying in places that are very similar to camping. almost 9 years ago