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Leandro Henflen

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Argentina Río Cuarto, Argentina


February 2009

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    Is Argentina still cheap?

    Guys, i'm from Argentina and the conversion is this: 1 US Dollar = 3,47 Pesos Argentinos You can come to visit us and give us all your nice money :) Hope my answer help yo guys. over 11 years ago

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    South America itinerary for three weeks

    I think you must travel to Peru, Argentina and Brazil. These countries have very interesting places to go to. Very different but awsome. The cheaper is Argentina. If you are interested on my answer please ask more and i can give you more info about it. My brother has a travel agency in Argentina and he can give you a hand on this matter. Al depends on where you want to go and what do you want to do in south america. Do you want beaches? forest? Alpinism/Andinism? Go to see whales and pinguins? Waterfalls? Whatever, answer me and i will give you a hand on this. Thanks almost 11 years ago