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    What are the rules around visas in Vietnam for an New Zealand passport holder?

    yes you always need a visa in vietnam, just contact your nearest vietnamese consulate you have to do everything through them, normally a 36 hour passport return with visa if filled out properly. over 9 years ago

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    Does anybody know how to dial from a vietnamese mobile to an Australian mobile?

    yep its just the +61 and drop the first zero, called aussie mobiles all the times while i was there almost 10 years ago

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    ideas for a good restaurant for hens party!

    you can always go some where like sals that is in teh heart of salamanca, or there is a great restaurant next to endota spa retreat just a few hundred metres from salamanca sorry i cant remember the name. good luck with it. almost 10 years ago

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    Is it better to travel the coast by bus or train?

    i lived in Saigon for a while and found that while first travelling around the south and getting out to the coast buses is definstely the way to go, but at you pass Nha Trang, i would hi8ghly recomend trains, first of all a trip to vietnam isnt a trip unless you have been on the train adn seen as teh north is quite spred a part you can at least get a few hours sleep on the train and its quite teh experience. PLus if you plan on going to Sapa train is your only option., have an amazing time. almost 10 years ago

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    good clean reasonably priced central hotel wanted

    if you want to pre book thats cool there is hundreds of places but if you go to the area of pham nu lao its the backpackr tourist district and a block from the maarkets and it is the city, as in its in district 1 which is the main city area you will find heaps of hotels and they are cheap, if you want a pretty secure room nothing is absolute you pay around 14 a night with breakfast, but its clean has a fan or aircon own bath room and a decent bed, i highly recommend you find a hotel and see you they are friendly because if you are friendly to them they will return the favour and thats important in a hotel in a tourist district. madame cu'c is good, i lived in saigon for 6 months but moved out of my apartment a week before flying home and stayed there for a few nights, they were fantastic. about 10 years ago