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Rick Powell

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American writer and blogger living in Buenos Aires, after 5 years of living Prague, Czech Republic. I have several blogs, two of which are BA-centric.

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Argentina Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina


October 2009

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    How many days do you think that it´s good to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina?

    No less than 5 and it really depends on what your interests are. Buenos Aires doesn't really have any knock-out tourist attractions and what's here can be covered quickly. It's the life of the city itself - eating out, going out, meeting people, walking the parks and the port, staying out until 8 in the morning - that will either grab you or it won't. It grabbed me a year and a half ago and I've never left. If the weather is still good, don't miss a day trip up the coast to Tigre in the Delta. One solid piece of advice: Stay at a hostel so you can meet people. It's the only way. over 10 years ago

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    What are the safety concerns in Argentina? Is there a high occurrence of theft in Buenos Aires?

    No one is reporting this but recently there was a wave of hits on hostels in Buenos Aires. I know because I was there for two of them and talked to some cops and business owners subsequently. Basically a small group of thieves forced their way into hostels, held up guests, mostly backpackers, at gunpoint, herded them into the toilets and proceeded to loot the hostel and shake down whatever other guests they found. Stole computers, etc, from the hostel itself. I have confirmed 5 such incidents, most in San Telmo, and have heard of several more unconfirmed, but one in what's considered a safe barrio, Palermo. Again, this isn't being reported anywhere that I know of. More than likely the police were either involved or were bribed to look the other way. Hold ups are common in San Telmo and Microcentro in the wee hours, targeting women primarily. Women, anywhere in BA, should take a taxi at night, no matter how short you think the distance is, unless you are accompanied by a man. It's less of an issue in Palermo where there is a lot of pedestrian sidewalk traffic. I have lived in BA for over a year. Our hostel was hit twice. A hostel around the corner was hit five times! A boutique hotel in San Telmo was also robbed at gunpoint. A hostel in Palermo was hit as was one in Once. All of these hostel now have beefed up security and nothing has happened that I have heard in about two months. Still. I wish I could say BA is safe but I have experienced differently. about 11 years ago