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ahmed siyad ali

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September 2009

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    How can an Australian arrange a visa for the Maldives?

    please do visit this link .. its all in here http://www.immigration.gov.mv/index.php/entry-to-maldives.html about 10 years ago

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    Is it possible to get out of Male and stay on other islands?

    yes its possible ...which atoll or island do you want to go? about 10 years ago

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    How to get to the Maldives cheap?

    you can come to maldives at anytime you want , say example you want to come to maldives in december 2009, so you should first of all make reservations .you should make reservations for 3 things first of all you have to book a room from any resort for that you can visit this site also http://www.visitmaldives.com/ then you can try making reservation from the seaplane company in maldives, there are 2 seaplane companies which offers traveling to specific resorts from the airport, the seaplanes are like taxis in the maldives,its just next to the runway, which is TMA(trans maldivian airways) and MAT (maldivian air taxi) if u are departing from europe you can check lufthansa ,emirates,qatar airways and srilankan airlines :> so the final reservation will be i guess from the airline which you are departing from. over 11 years ago