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An adventurer by profession, Zara uses her passion for writing and enthusiasm for photography to tell you many interesting tales that she has experienced. Being an adventurer, she has travelled widely and to some of the most amazing places in India.

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September 2013

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    What are the most Exotic location in India

    India is bestowed with marvelous and most fascinating exotic destinations those magnetize the world tourism especially for top two concerns, one for pilgrimage exotic places and another for most adventurous and thrilling exotic destinations. So some of the most adventurous exotic locations of Indian continent are following 1. Ladakh – The land of high pass 2. Sikkim- The most anonymous nature sites 3. Garhwal –The Gateway of Himalayas Reveal the most of exotic destinations here.... over 7 years ago

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    Best Indian tour operator

    Blender of tour operators are available for Indian tour those have well named and famous also But Recently I personally got an experience of a tour operator which is simply better: about 7 years ago

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    How much time would you recommend for taking a full tour of India?

    It depends how many places you want to visit and what activities you would like to do... So it is hard to define the exact time frame of all over India tour. But Having some interest in adventure tourism and activities including the full India tour then more than 3 months will also not be enough and slip out in your hand like the sand. Just have fun of India tour whenever you like.. And for Adventure tour in India about 7 years ago