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June 2009

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    How safe is cartagena for families and kids?

    Cartagena is perfect for families, have great security is the place of my country visited for more presidents from other nations and stars (even Mick Jagger have some vacations there without have to care about paparazzis). The city is gorgeous, the food is amazing and the people is really nice. You only have to take the same precautions that you have in every place, keep an eye over your camera, don't walk alone for places you don't know and are lonely, etcetera, after that minimal precautions Im sure you can enjoy a great experience. over 9 years ago

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    South America itinerary for three weeks

    Im from Colombia and known another places of the continent. We have beaches as in Brazil (ask to Mick Jager), we have mountains and snow like Peru or Chile, have culture and art like Argentina. And is really cheap. I've travelled to all those countries and are absolutely wonderful, really. Maybe you could try ti focus your travel in some topic, culture... begin in Colombia and follow the Andes until you reach argentinean glaciers. For beach begin with Cartagena and travel to all the coast following Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, etc. almost 11 years ago

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    Is anyone here from Colombia?

    Hi Im from Colombia please let me to know about your plans. A hug pal. over 9 years ago