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    Any suggestions for an inexpensive hotel/B&B near fun restaurants and the subway?

    Sakura Hostel is located in Asakusa, at the center of shitamachi (historical / nostalgic area of Tokyo). Not to mention the convenience to explore historical spots like Senso-ji temple or Kaminari-mon on foot, subway Ginza line(銀座線) and Asakusa line(浅草線)and newly opened Tsukuba Express line(つくばエキスプレス) are available from Asakusa station, and most tourist attractions in Tokyo are easy-accessible. Web site: Wide variety of room types - dormitory / twin, 4 ~8 bed private rooms ● Dormitory - 2,940 yen per bed. Male, female, and mixed rooms. ● Private rooms - Twin room: 8,295 yen per room - 4 bed private: 12,600 yen per room - 6 bed private: 17,640 yen per room - 8 bed private: 23,520 yen per room over 11 years ago

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    Do you know about some cheap hostel for students?

    Hatters Hostel, Manchester, England 50 Newton Street, Manchester, England Room Types Room Types Price (EUR) Single Private Shared Bathroom 32.17 Twin Private Shared Bathroom 29.25 4 Bed Mixed Dorm 21.06 6 Bed Mixed Dorm 21.06 8 Bed Male Dorm 18.72 8 Bed Mixed Dorm 18.72 10 Bed Female Dorm 18.72 10 Bed Mixed Dorm 18.72 18 Bed Mixed Dorm 16.96 over 11 years ago