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    We are going on an Antarctic Cruise in January - would appreciate suggestions of what to see in Argentina and Chile - we are active 40's

    Aaah, I did this trip a couple of years ago. For Argentina, I'd suggest any or all of Buenos Aires (elegant European style capital adn your plane probably stops there anyway), Iguazu Falls (the best waterfalls I've ever seen beyond Victoria and Niagara), the Lakes District/crossing into Chile (from Bariloche) and the Patagonian area (hiking, spectacular jagged mountains, wild country). Probably painful to get to but Machu Picchu is a world-famous spectacular Incan ruin in Peru outside of Cusco. Simialrly, the sanctuary of Galapagos (part of Ecuador so typically accessed from there) is the well-known islands where Darwin strutted his stuff (and it is his anniversary year). For a continent as diverse as Sth America, a lot depends on your tastes but there are a few suggestions. over 11 years ago

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    Taj Mahal - has anyone ever been there?

    The only other worthy sight in Agra is the Agra Fort which is excellent and where the builder of the Taj spent his last years in prison. Not a long way away is Fatephur Sikri, this extraordinary palace area which was only lived in for 11 years before being abandoned for lack of water. The cost must have been enormous. over 11 years ago

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    Does Sydney have a history museum?

    I think for more focus the Sydney Museum on Bridge Street on the site of the original Govt House may offer more for you. It has models of the initial 11 First Fleet ships, some aboriginal displays and a fair bit on the growth of Sydney and Australia over the last 250 odd years, since European settlement. over 11 years ago