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March 2009

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    How to get cheap flights to and from Los Angeles?

    Ian's advice is solid. You might also want to try a suipplier-direct method. I've found rates cheaper on AA's website than the major online booking engines if only booking air, but the best packaging prices are not NOT supplier-direct. I found that for multi-city search, a supplier-direct method can be your best option. Pick the dates you want to depart / arrive and search on I recently flew from Dallas -> Orange County [17 days] -> Fort Walton Beach, FL [4 days] -> Dallas for around $500 only one week in advance. Additionally, flights to/from Europe from the US are very cheap right now everywhere, so now is a good time to travel. over 11 years ago

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    Where is the best place to park for a Rangers game?

    Your best bet is to either pay for tickets that come with parking passes or to park near Copeland / Collins or on the end of Lot C. Traffic is terrible when games let out no matter where you park, so try to park near an exit. over 11 years ago

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    Can you get one-way car rentals between Vancouver and San Francisco or vice versa in the month of July?

    Make sure to pick up some Bainbridge Island bread... it's amazing. over 11 years ago