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    Reverse charges (call collect)?

    We usually take the laptop along and connect in to the hotel/guesthouse wireless Internet. If you buy some Skype credit you can call just about anywhere. Australian fixed lines 2cents a minute and 20cents to mobiles. In Ho Chi Min City I could pick from 10 local hotel wireless networks none of which were secured. I might buy a smaller netbook for my next trip. (Many Asian airports have free wireless too.) over 11 years ago

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    Etihad - any good?

    Etihad had a fair bit of publicity last year due to its dealings with 3 first class Australian passengers. Check google with "etihad first class drunk jail" ..... or some discussion at over 11 years ago

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    Where can I buy one-way travel insurance?

    I usually take out the travel inurance from the . Its cheap and has no exccess on claims. However, when we lived in China we bought insurance because it was so flexible. The period of coverage ends at the expiry date or when you return home, if earlier. You can also extend the period while you are still travelling and stay away longer! They also seem to be flexible as my partner wanted to go home for a wedding and not have the insurance cancelled. When contacted they agreed to continue the cover. It's over 11 years ago

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    Hot spring baths in Japan?

    Onsen are the hot springs you will find around the ski reports (and everywhere in Japan). They are one of my favourite Japanese experiences. You will usually need to take a towel (for drying off later), a smaller towel to take into the water with you and shampoo and soap. But first you need to be naked and clean. So put all your clothes in the locker or basket provided. Then sit down on the small stools in front of the mirrors and shower hose. The custom is to wash well with shampoo etc. You might finish off by filling the nearby basin or bucket and tipping it over your head. You may now enter the water.......... And its usually very hot so check it out first. Sometimes there are pools with different heat levels. There may also be an outside area or garden where you can sit, cool down and enjoy the atmosphere. In cities there are still Sento hidden amongst the houses. These are the traditional public bath houses and are similar to onsen but often fairly basic. You will need to get directions from your hotel or ryokan. I highly recommend the experience. We went every night in Tokyo. So you need to shed your inhibitions and enjoy that end of day soak in the seering mineral baths. Its soooo good. over 11 years ago

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    If visiting for three days what are the essential things to see/do?

    There is also the Jade Market which is on the right as you walk down Nathan Road from Monkok. There's lots of Jade and other stones. These are good for presents as the vendors will "string" then up for you into pendants or wrist bands. You select the stones and they make them into something nice. Bargain hard as the cheap pieces really are very cheap! over 11 years ago

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    Can anyone recommend a good tailor/s near Sukhumvit Road?

    I have had suits and jackets made before and it might help if you pick out your style before you go. Get a local catalog with a style you like. Otherwise you get overloaded with design books and have to make decisions on the spot. You might also take along something you like for them to use as a pattern to make more! over 11 years ago

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    Can anyone give me advice/information on the best way to get from KL to Singapore? Bus train plane??? Which is the cheapest/most convinient?

    The cheapest way to get to Singapore from KL is by bus. There are lots of choices but it looks like the current price is rm30 to rm100+ for luxury buses. Its a bit tedius at the border. Off the bus with you pack, back on, drive 500m and of and on again. Plus the lines can be quite long at immigration. I have crossed the border both ways a few times. Its about a 5 hr trip. Next time I might try the AirAsia flight ( ) where the current discount fare is rm60 ( au$25 ). You need to add the trip to KLIA ( ans hour from KL) and back from Changi so the it probably takes a little less time and costs a bit more. over 11 years ago

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    Good places to go snowboarding?

    I have been skiing in Japan a few times including around Nagano in 2007. I think that Hakuba is more suited to intermediates and not so good for beginners. Getting there involves getting to Tokyo by the Narita Express, then a bullet train to Nagano and then a bus to Hakuba. I stayed at Ks House which was cheap and rather nice. There are a number of Onsens around which are an essential part of the experience. Whilst the exchange rate is pretty terrible now, it has been extremely cheap to stay and ski. Y4000 for a day pass and a little less per person accomodation, just a few minutes walk from a lift. I have also been skiing in Ajigasawa in Aomori but its fairly hard to get to without local help. I think that skiing on Honshu rather than Hokkaido gives much more of a Japanese experience as you need to "self sufficiently" traval and eat where most of the people are Japanese. Don't forget the JR East rail pass as it is expensive to travel within Japan. You need to buy it here before you go. You can also use the Takkyubin service that will deliver your skis to the hotel/lodge overnight so that you don't have to lug them around on the bus and train. Its only $20 or $30 and so convenient. Next time I go I am flying in to Tokyo and heading north to Yuzawa in Niigata. This is, of course, after visiting my favourite Tokyo spot, Akihabara..... over 11 years ago