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    Good restaurants in Hobart?

    Solicit in North Hobart, the fillet steak is great. over 10 years ago

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    How can I get to the Lijiang River?

    You might get to GuiLin by flying cheaply to a hub like Singapore or KL and then using AirAsia to get to GuiLin. If you fly to Hong Kong it might be better to cross the border first and then get a domestic flight. There is often heavy discounting if the last minute flight has empty seats. (If you can cope with the stress!) By train its 14 hours or so with hard or soft and seat or sleeper options. I have travelled in China by train and whilst the cheaper options might sound good....don't do it. The hard options are well crowded. The soft sleepers we travelled on were excellent. We even had Chinese movies on LCD screens on one train. And take food, especially noodles as all trains seem to have hot water supplied. We missed the Li River when we lived in China, so its on our Agenda when we return next. over 10 years ago

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    Best things to do and see in two weeks?

    We have been to Japan a few times. We spent 2 weeks in Tokyo on one trip. The different Tokyo city hot-spots are worth seeing including Akihabara (electric town), Asakusa for temples, Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea, Tsjuji fish market is huge and the department stores go on forever. Make sure you stay in a traditional Ryokan or Minshiku for the traditional tatami mat and futon. Check google for dress and shoe rules! Try a local bath house, ask for a "SENTO" and again check the rules. Dont be shy with the electronic toilet but learn which is the "off" button first. I would recommend going for a day trip to Hakone too. Its a great Japanese day out by train, walk (on the Edo walk), boat, cable car, Gondola and funicular railway. And all in the shodow of Fuji San. Another day trip is the Nikko area with its cultural theme parks. Its harder to travel there as its more designed for locals. So get your 14 day JR rail pass and get going! over 10 years ago

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    I need some info on transport in Thailand.

    Don't forget that the AirAsia flight in Thailand are really cheap. If the view from the bus is not the prize, treat youself to an au$30 express flight......... over 10 years ago

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    Travel Insurance

    We have used World Nomads which was inexpensive due to its exclusions that do suit longer term travellers. Long term insurance seems to be a problem if you return home. The multi trip Q ones and others don't let youu stay away for long periods. I couln't find any that let you come home and then continue. However, World Nomads does let you extend on-line. You just keep extending until you come home and then start again! over 10 years ago

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    What are the best things to see in Taiwan?

    I assume you fly into Taipei so use the underground to get to the markets and also Taipei 101. Its pretty impressive (509m high) and the biggest food court in the known universe. We did the train to the north and east coast via: Su Oa - The cold mineral spring baths were great in the hot weather plus it was piped to our hotel room. Hua lien - The national park with is jade and marble cliffs and mountain scenery is quite inspiring. Taitung - This is the port to Green Island. This is definately worth the effort. You can hire motor scooters on the island and its rather pretty with its volcanic remnants. The best part was the hot spring by the ocean and also because the spring water is salty. (One of 4 in the world) The steamed boiled eggs were delicious too! We also used Taiwan as a starting point for a Japanese excursion. You can travel by "cruise ferry" from Taitung in the north to NaHa in Okinawa. Its a 20hr ferry cruise with beautiful island scenery. Flying fish and dolphins around the ship, it was teriffic. Next time we might stop at the smaller Japanese islands for more diving................... over 10 years ago

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    How easy is it to travel independently in Cambodia in a limited time?

    Yes, a few weeks is a good amount of time. You can't fly directly there, so getting there takes you to another Asian capital. You could take a return trip to Singapore, KL or Bangkok and enjoy a stopover ther. Then fly on to Siem Reap/Phnom Penh on Tiger, Jetstar or AirAsia. I spet about a week in Siem Reap with routine.... Out to the Wats, back for a swim and lunch, then back out again. The evenings we had a frozen cocktail, then an hour massage and eventually dinner.................... It was tough but we held out for a week! Stop by the roadside cricket shops. They deep fry the crickets in spices and chilli. They are quite tasty! If you are adventurous, you could try the water beetles or spiders. A few days in Phnom Penh is good for shopping and the necessary "distressing" cultural/historic sites. Its the first place I have been that I couldn't (emotionally) take any photos. We didn't go south but will next time. Enjoy your trip! over 10 years ago

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    Is it cheaper to buy flights on line now, or from vietnam travel agent?

    I agree, its almost always cheaper to buy flights when you are there, for inexpensive countries. But I usually book on-line for AirAsia and JetStar too. I recommend AirAsia for its network and low cost fares. The balance between on-line and in-person can be the amount of time it takes to book a flight in an Asian country. There is often quite a process to book the fare, including phone calls to finalise the booking and then arranging the delivery of "paper" tickets..... It can take hours! Or like David you can take the risk of standby. almost 11 years ago