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I do a lot of travelling with my husband. Currently in a 5th Wheeler in the USA. I love photography and try to find interesting places to go, especially with wildlife.


October 2012

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    Is Australia in May romantic for a honeymoon?

    It depends on where you want to go. Australia is as big as America. May is the month before winter, at the end of Autumn - so it's a lovely time of year in most places. Cool nights and pleasant days, certainly not hot. Being Autumn, there is less rain than winter or spring. almost 8 years ago

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    Melbourne to Perth road trip. What do you think?

    Melbourne to Perth will take you at least a week or you could stretch it out to weeks. It takes 3 days to cross the Nullarbor alone. The Great Ocean Road is better than America's Big Sur because you are driving right next to the sea and there is no fog to contend with. The Nullarbor is between Adelaide and Norseman - it means treeless plains and they aren't kidding - there is nothing out there. There are a few road houses along the way so you can get some meals. No where to buy food though, so go prepared. Be careful about taking certain foods across the border at Ceduna, check out the quarantine rules on the web. South West WA (Western Australia) is beautiful - lots to see, then make your way up through Margaret River to Perth. It's a great trip and something unique to Australia. over 7 years ago

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    Would I get charged by customs if I bought a new projector into Australia?

    You are supposed to declare the combined value of all purchases bought from overseas and any duty free bought in Australia (prior to leaving) upon entering Australia. I have just checked the card you fill in upon entry. The $1000 is for when you have it posted to Australia. about 8 years ago