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Rodrigo Antunes

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About me:

I am originally from Brazil. I arrived in Boston in 2002 and has lived in San Francisco since 2005. Throughout my life in the U.S. I has consistently remained a passionate advocate for his heritage and all things related to Brazil.

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Brazil Sao Paulo, Brazil


February 2012

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    Safe stealth camping in San Francisco?

    It's around San Francisco. You can't camp on Golden Gate Park! (Would be sweet!):) about 8 years ago

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    What do travelers think about Parana,Brazil?

    For a Brazilian perspective I don't see much to do there, but is a very organized State and Curitiba (the capital) is a city with high quality of development. Curitiba got famous around the world by the implementation of a successful Public Administration, where they focus in transportation around the city and recycling. A documentary was made about the city, and is called "A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil ". Check out this video: Cheers! about 8 years ago

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    Backpacking in brazil during jan

    Hi Datla, My time to be a backpacker is over, but you should start your trip in São Paulo, where you can see the "capital" of Latin America. This incredible city received influence from all over the world. From São Paulo, take a bus to Parati (Rio State) and enjoy one of the greatness tows in Rio State. From there go Rio de Janeiro - (city of Rio, because the State is also called Rio de Janeiro). In Rio a good place for you to stay is Mellow Yellow - - Everybody speaks English there and is close to everything, the only thing I don't like there is because you will share a room, a bathroom, etc....and they are too loud (as you can see I'm getting old!), but is backpacking that you are looking at right? - South of Brazil is Brazilians. If you want a REAL Brazilian experience with diversity keep going NORTH. Bahia, Recife, Natal are the places to go. Be careful after 6 pm in the big cities and avoid flashing money, a nice camera. Just use common sense and you will be fine! Enjoy your trip, respect the locals and have a great time mate. about 8 years ago