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Photo taking, educating, muffin baking, marathon running perpetual traveller. You can find me either in the classroom, on the running track or at an airport, but don't bother trying to call, I never seem to be available on mobile.....

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United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates


January 2011

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    Best things to do in Mumbai?

    Be careful of the elephanta caves - they're a bit of a tourist trap and can be a little disappointing. Take a walking tour through Kala Ghoda down to the CST station from Colaba, stop off in Horniman Circle for a little relief from the traffic and find yourself a local vegetarian cafeteria to try dosa and uttapam. Enjoy the rains, wander the wet streets of Apollo Blunder and dawdle along Marine Drive. Lots of walking to do - much fun! Take in the sights and sounds; it's like nowhere else! I was there just last week, so can tell you it's quite steamy. Be prepared for the humidity and drink a tonne of water. Extra details, check out recent posts here ( over 9 years ago

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    Must eat restaurants in Melbourne?

    Cheap and cheerful is Madonna's in Port Melbourne. Beatiful Italian food! Otherwise, for more cafe-style lunch, check out Seven:am on Bay Street in Port Melbourne. Best coffee in the area, killer baked goods and they turn out a wicked club sandwich! over 9 years ago

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    Japanese restaurants in Brisbane

    There's a swathe of Japanese and other Asian cuisine around Mt Gravatt, Underwood and Sunnybank. Definitely less formal - very casual! over 9 years ago