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    Has anyone been to the Great Wall in winter (early Dec) and is it too cold?

    Really depends on what "too cold" is for you. I went in December when it was snowing and the wind chill factor made it fee like -30c. However the scenery was absolutely spectacular and there were next to no crowds. You just need to rug up! over 10 years ago

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    Who did you have travel to Thailand in month of May? i need information about wheather

    It really depends where in Thailand you plan on traveling to. Different parts of the country have different wet seasons. For example in the south west coast the season is typically Sept - Nov/Dec. However up north it is June - August. over 10 years ago

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    Currency for Vietnam

    Yep - Take USD and exchange for some Dong when you arrive. Most 'tourist' places will charge in USD but if you go local you will need Dong. over 10 years ago

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    Where can I find a beach in thailand not on phuket, small quaint

    If you want a secluded beach experience in Thailand I'd recommend Koh Mak in the north of the Gulf of Thailand - just near the Cambodian border. Most tourists head south to the stock standard beach resorts so the northern islands are a welcome reprieve from drunken hordes of European backpackers. Having said that the southern beaches on Koh Lanta are quiet and secluded too. over 10 years ago

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    what is the best and most interesting way to travell thailand,kambodcha, malaysia?

    Personally the best way to travel anywhere in Asia is on a motorbike - not the little 150cc scooters you can hire but a proper motorbike. I just rode my BMW R1150GS (i.e. Long Way Round, Long Way Down) from Singapore through Malaysia, Thailand and Laos over Christmas. Having said that, you can also rent good quality Honda Baja 250cc bikes in Thailand and Laos too - these will get you anywhere, especially off the beaten track. Otherwise it great to take the local busses - and I use the term bus very lightly. I've ridden on everything from a luxurious overnight coach to a utility truck (ute). It's how the locals travel and you get to see and experience much more of the local flavor this way. You might be accompanied by elderly villagers with their weeks supply of dried fish, live ducks and chickens in bamboo cages, sacks of rice, fresh vegetables to boxes of packaged biscuits, scooters, bicycles and even fresh seafood on ice in leaky polystyrene boxes. It's all part of traveling Asia. over 10 years ago

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    What is the most interesting thing you have eaten in Asia?

    Tarantula spiders at Snoul in Cambodia Cockroaches in Chiang Rai, Thailand Deer fetus in Laos (along with all sorts of unknown jungle meat from the forests) Snakes in China (along with monkey brains) over 10 years ago

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    What is the best way to see South East Aisa in 8 weeks

    Forget the 'guided tour'. SE Asia is such a worn path that it's very easy to do it on your own (or with a friend). 8 weeks isn't a huge amount of time so it really depends on how 'absorbed' in the cultures you want to get. You could spend 8 weeks in Thailand alone or do a flying visit to Bangkok, bus it north the Chiang Mai/ Chiang Rai (stopping of at Phitsanolouk). Then head up to Mae Sai on the Thai/ Myanmar border (crossing into Myanmar for a day), bus it east to Chiang Khong and get the river boat into Laos (Houei Xai). Fro mhere you can get a slow boat down the Mekong to Vientianne or get a bus and head into northern Laos and Luang Nam Tha and Muang Sing. Then bus it down to Luang Pra Bang, Vang Vieng and finally Vientianne. Fro mVientianne you could fly to Siem Reap (Cambodia) and do Angkor Wat for a few days then bus down to Phnom Penh..... There are so many options. It took me 8 months of traveling in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and I still didn't get to see all that i wanted. My recommendation - start with a rough plan and be prepared to adapt it as you go. Some places you think you want to stay for a few days turn out to be a dump. Others you thought would be good just for a night stop-over, you end u staying for days. Be flexible, be open to change and enjoy!!! over 10 years ago

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    diving in Cambodia is it safe?

    Do you seriously want to put your life in danger? There is a place in Sihanoukville called Dive Nation (or something similar) which is PADI certified. They've got an office in Phnom Penh too which is where I first came across them. They'll take you out into the Gulf of Thailand and around some of the Cambodian/ Thai islands,. Just be sure to check the regulator, BCD, tank air quality and other gear thoroughly first. There are also a number of backyard operators that you find around some of the more popular coastal tourist areas but my advice would be not to touch them with a barge pole :) over 10 years ago