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    what is there to do at Port Macquarie?

    Port Mac has a range of things to do - fishing and sailing to bush-walking in nearby national parks and camping. As Bruce says above, the Visitor Centre is a great place to start. Friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to give you tailored information to meet your needs and interests. over 10 years ago

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    Is Myanmar with a 5 year old possible?

    Myamnar/ Burma is absolutely kid friendly. If they've traveled to Laos and Egypt, then Myanmar will be a breeze. The locals are exceptionally friendly towards all visitors and extremely polite. After visiting Myanmar in December 2009, we recommeded it to a number of friends with small children. They hve all visited since and rave about it! The current government still doesn't like foreigners renting cars/ motorbikes therefor buses (or more realistically planes) are the way to travel across the country. There are nowdays a number of internal airlines that can fly you, at very reasonable prices, from Yangon (Rangoon) to every main destination - and some minor ones. As a recommendation for a guesthouse in Yangon - highly suggest Classique Inn. Awesome hosts who will do anything to ensure you have a great stay. Good location in the 'embassy' area and a $2.50 cab ride into the centre of town. Note: no affiliation with them :) over 10 years ago

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    We are going to Nusa Dua, Bali, soon and would like to do some yoga each day.

    Hi Jane I'm not really into yoga myself but my wife is a bid fan. The times we've visited Bali she's gone/ used a group called Bali Spirit. She found them on the Internet and thinks that they are great. Otherwise most of the hotels and resorts offer yoga and/or pilates sessions too. Have a great trip! over 10 years ago

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    Anyone know who offers a good fishing charter trip in the Sydney region?

    There's an absolute truck load of operators who run fishing charters in and around Sydney Harbour. the do everything from harbour, to reef, to deep sea fishing options so it really depends on what sort of charter you're after. I'd suggest having a look at the following to get some sort of idea and then let your mouse do the walking :) over 10 years ago

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    Are there casinos in Phnom Penh?

    Yes - there's the Naga World Casino and the Las Vegas Sun Hotel & Casino which are specifically for the tourist and wealthy officials. Like a local can afford to go to one ;) over 10 years ago

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    Can you describe Nha Trang in Vietnam?

    Tourist hell :) Big hotels, lots of eateries, everything you'd find in any other popular tourist location. For some it is ideal, for others it's now well and truly on the beaten path. over 10 years ago

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    Can anyone recommend a good place to stay for a few days in Bintan (Indonesia) ?

    Hi David I've lived in Singapore now for 2 years and often 'escape' to Indonesia for a long weekend. Be sure to pick a weekend that's not a public holiday in Singapore - as most locals like to flee the island during this time too :) Bintan has a wide selection of accommodations available - to suit all budgets and styles of holidays. I've stayed before at Banyu Biru Villa, Mayang Sari Beach Resort and th Bintan Lagoon Resort - all of which were pretty nice for a get-away with the Mrs. But not far away from Bintan is another island called Batam where you could stay at some equally (and in many cases more) luxurious places such as Banyan Tree Resort. over 10 years ago

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    Good camping spots in Wales?

    I camped in the Brecon Beacon Ranges, part of the Brecon Beacon National Park. The park is quite large and there's a whole number of small, historic towns scattered around the boarder. Try havong a look here for further details >> over 10 years ago