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October 2009

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    Go to Myanmar in burma?

    I've just spent 3 weeks trekking through Myanmar. I flew into Yangon then went south to the beaches. After that i jumped a flight up to Bagan (better than Angkor Wat in Cambodia) then made my way south through Mandalay, Lake Inlay and back to Yangon. The scenery is amazing, the culture is awesome and the people's friendliness will blow you away. You can get a Day pass into Myanmar from Mae Song on the northern Thailand/ Myanmar border but you are restricted in where you can travel. Not too bad if you are short on time and from Mae Song you can easily travel across to Laos. almost 11 years ago

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    What is the most interesting thing you have eaten in Asia?

    Tarantula spiders at Snoul in Cambodia Cockroaches in Chiang Rai, Thailand Deer fetus in Laos (along with all sorts of unknown jungle meat from the forests) Snakes in China (along with monkey brains) almost 11 years ago

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    Tips on travel in Burma

    TIP: There's a departure tax of US$20 per person. Make sure you have a clean, crisp, uncreased, undamaged $20 note for payment as they don't accept anything but the best. I found this really quite odd seeing the condition of the local currency notes that you receive throughout the country - but it is what it is :) MARKET: The Bogyoke Aung San Market is the most popular market and a great tourist destination in Yangon. Any taxi driver will know exactly where to take you. On the opposite side of the road is the 'local' market where you se some real local flavour and color. over 10 years ago