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I'm Liz - a lifetime travel-a-holic. My husband and I run Peanuts or Pretzels travel blog. We are always up for laughter, a good adventure, and a bit of geocacaching. Our goal is to inspire travelers and help them plan their next adventure. We love being able to share what we've learned!

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March 2015

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    What is the best Mayan ruin to see while staying in Riviera Maya? We would like to be able to climb it.

    Melissa - I wish I would have seen this question sooner! Actually, you cannot climb the ruins at most of the sites mentioned above. However, you can climb the ancient pyramid at Coba -- and I recommend that you do it! It's a bit challenging, but safe because they have a rope - and the views are beautiful! We have photos of us climbing it (see the link: http://www.peanutsorpretzels.com/our-adventure-driving-in-mexico-yucatan/). In fact, the link will take you to our travel blog -- where we have documented a lot of our recent trip down to the Yucatan / Riviera Maya in Mexico. We rented a car and actually visited Chichen Itza, Coba, and Tulum. If you haven't taken your trip yet, you will find lots of ideas on our site. Cheers! Liz & Josh almost 6 years ago

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    We are hoping to take our two girls to Hong Kong Disneyland in mid December, is it safe becasue of the problems in the country.

    You have nothing to worry about. I have traveled to Hong Kong many times, even just last week. I am from the USA but currently live in Guangzhou, China -- which is just over the border from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very, very safe. You will not have an issue. You see stuff on the news, but those are totally isolated incidents. It is by no means a hotbed for violence. More than likely, you won't notice a thing. If it is just you and the kids, then you may want to stay out near the Disney Park -- on Lantau Island, near the airport. There are some nice hotels and beaches to relax with the family. If you want to stay more in town where all the action is, then there are many options - but it's quite a distance by train from the Disney park. Just something to keep in mind with tired kiddos! :) We've written a few stories about our visits to Hong Kong our our blog here - in case they help. http://www.peanutsorpretzels.com/category/destinations/asia/hong-kong/ Have fun! Elizabeth almost 6 years ago

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    How to get a driving license in thailand with a tourist visa?

    What do you need a drivers license for? If you are staying in Thailand on a tourist visa, you can rent a vehicle and drive around without a Thai license. We were just there for a few months and rented motorbikes in multiple places, and rented cars a couple times. No Thai license needed. Liz almost 6 years ago