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    Cheapest way to get from Spain/Portugal to Florida in the summer?

    Thanks, but we found much better deals with Doing a Multiple Cities search we actually found flights From Madrid->(connection in Washinton)->Boston (July 24th) and Tampa, FL -> (connection in Newark) -> Lisbon (August 18th) for US$992 There are even cheaper if you go with youth tickets through places like (sometimes like $400 return!) But these flights usually go through London Heathrow though so if you dont want delays... (hahaha good luck) The flights we got were basically to and from where we wanted to go so they were worth the extra money to reduce headache and put the responsibility on the airline to replace our tickets if delays caused us to miss our flights almost 11 years ago

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    Grand Mercure - Docklands

    I stayed in the towers when my aunt was renting there. It is a pretty nice location and a very good building. The docklands tram basically comes just in front of the towers. Walking to the CBD takes about 15-30 minutes depending on where you want to go. The tram is faster if you want to go to Flinders St. Station or something further into the CBD quickly. Even though it has probably been said on Tripadvisor the Mecca Bah in the docklands is great (right on the waterside of the Mecure) I think (now) there should be plenty happening in the Docklands shopping centre. (it was being built when I was there) Cheers, Niko almost 11 years ago

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    Brazil - Best local restaurants in Rio ?

    There was a reply from Twitter: From Love Dolce Delicia [near] Ipanema beach! almost 11 years ago

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    Where is the best laksa in Hobart?

    Duc's Takeaway in Sandy Bay have a pretty good set of laksa's too. 50a King St. (right next to the Fish Bar),147.32578&spn=0.001163,0.002411&z=19 almost 11 years ago

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    Where is a good place in Hobart to play a game of 8 ball?

    Check out Pool on Liverpool too 142 Liverpool Street,+hobart,+tasmania&sll=-42.883201,147.325498&sspn=0.01849,0.038581&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=142+Liverpool+St,+Hobart+Tasmania+7000,+Australia&z=16 almost 11 years ago

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    Headed to Nürburgring, Germany for a music festival in July perhaps - any hints on what else to do around that time?

    Well if you do head up to Berlin again I would recommend The Alternative Berlin tour. almost 11 years ago

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    Where is the best place for skydiving In Australia?

    There was a reply on Twitter from: She said: Whitsunday Islands!! Hands down almost 11 years ago

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    should i visit plitvice?

    There was a reply on Twitter from: OneSpecialLana said: Most deff!! The most beautiful river lakes in the country! A true delight! almost 11 years ago