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    I am heading to Portugal in April... Where are the best places to visit?...

    Touristy or not touristy is the question North: Green lush countryside and dramatic coasts with white sandy beaches (a bit like the East coast of Tas). Porto is a big old city with a lot of touristy things to see like churches etc. Coimbra - apparently the big student capital with a lot of fun parties. If you are there in the beginning of May there is an 8 day festival! Middle: Lisboa - great city with a lot of night-life and thriving student population in Barrio Alto and Chiado Sintra - beautiful castle on a hill with a really quaint little town on the side of the hill. Sines - castle and beaches, great place to go to relax South: The Algarve is the main tourist area in Portugal, if you enjoy seeing red raw English tourist this is for you. However it is also a crazy party area. Also there are towns like Lagos which are much more relaxing and cruisey. almost 12 years ago

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    Is Verona worth a day trip from Venice?

    Agreed. Verona is a nice town with lots of interesting streets to get lost in. There are your usual Italian designer shops and churches, along with some really interesting historical sites. It is the last point before you head into the tri-lingual part of Italy further North. This I think makes the Italians stress how Italian they are. Pizza and beer in Verona is pretty good too. Especially the pizza! almost 12 years ago

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    Is there a good local place to eat close to the Eiffel Tower?

    The area east of the Eiffel Tower is really nice. St Germain is the name of the district. You can find a lot of nice quaint coffee shops and restaurants. It is bordering the river on the Southern side so just follow the river around from the Tower toward the Notre Dame and you will see little streets heading off on your right that will get you into the area. My tip if you want a "real" parisian feel. Grab some baguettes and wine and sit on Ponte d'Arts between the Louvre and the old parliament house, around sunset. Lots of parisians will be there and it is very cool atmosphere. almost 12 years ago

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    What is a good day trip from Lisbon?

    If you go to Lisbon some things to see are: Castelo de Sao Jorge - big castle on top of one of the hills Torre de Belem - Another little castle on the river front Mosteiro dos Jeronimos - great big church, worth a see if you aren't sick of europes churches by then. Cristo Rei - a big statue of Jesus across the river from the main city If you go out at night go to Bairro Alto, it is where all the students hang out and you can find all sorts of cool bars and clubs there (don't get too drunk the streets all look the same) If you mean where to travel outside of Lisboa. Other cities/areas to see are Sintra, Cascais or Sines. All great places worth a visit (at most 2 hours drive away) almost 12 years ago

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    Where is the best place to stay in Rio de Janeiro?

    The place I stayed while I was in Rio de Janeiro was an awesome little side street that had about 5 hostels in it. It was 3 blocks from Ipanema beach on 175 Rua Barao da Torre on the eastern end. The five hostels were: Ipanema Waves Hostel Harmonia Hostel Rio Backpackers Ipanema The LightHouse Hostel Girl From Ipanema Hostel As you can imagine having 5 hostels right next to each other means everyone parties together and it is very secure with guards and a locked gate to make sure your things are secure. almost 12 years ago

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    What are some things to see in Buenos Aires?

    I went to Buenos Aires in June 07. One of the best cities I have ever been to. There is something to do in Buenos Aires every day and night of the week. The flea market in San Telmo is great, they run on Sundays If you are in Argentina make sure you see some Tango. There are plenty of restaurants where you can eat and watch at the same time. The best district to stay is Palermo near the Plaza Italia metro stop. There is a great place called Tierra Santa - a theme park based on the bible. All made out of fibreglass! I will get back to you with more stuff when I can review all my tickets etc. almost 12 years ago