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My name is Sarah, I'm a 28-year-old Dutch art-graduate turned snowboard teacher and traveler. I spend most winters in the Alps and the summer wherever it seems nice. Read all about what I do and where on my new website and blog!

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December 2015

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    Can US citizens travel to Cuba?

    Exactly like the answer above me, just visited Cuba for a month last November. Travel via Mexico, the Cubans don't care as long as you get a visum when you get to customs. They stamp only this visum and take it from you when you leave again so when you get out there's no proof. Make sure you bring enough cash or somehow get a Visa card because MasterCard is not accepted. It can be pretty expensive there but if you stay in casa particulates, speak some Spanish and watch your budget but still go for awesome (if self-planned) day-trips and have the occasional cuba libre, it can be done for about 34-40USD pp/pd with two [because sharing a room saves a lot]. I would definitely recommend using all the local transport like horse-carries, trains, local busses, etc. It's mega cheap and a lot of fun :) And go to see a baseball-game! If you want more advise, let me know. Hope you can make it, what a wonderful island!! about 5 years ago

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    Are there any places to avoid in Tulum, Mexico?

    The town of Tulum isn't very interesting, it's basically one main street with shops and a lot of souvenir shops, and some small side streets. The hotel zone is on the beach an quite far from the centre, it's best to catch a shared taxi there. As far as I've noticed, Tulum is a safe place and you have nothing to worry about. I visited the ruins by the beach, which are only nice because they are the only ones in Mexico by the water, and spent a day visiting the ruins in Coba, about an hour away in the jungle. I stayed at Camping Chavez, a super cozy hippy-campsite with tipis and a shared kitchen. For food in town i recommend the first 3 restaurants at Calle Jupiter Sur, just around the corner of the main street and across from the ADO busstation. Hope this helps :) about 5 years ago

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    Are there any places in Puerto Escondido I need to avoid?

    You should definitely stay at La Punta, a little village just out of town where the restaurants, bars and guesthouses are right on the beach and the atmosphere is laid-back. I spent 3 weeks in Puerto and the only thing I've come across is [especially for girls] to stay in the light of the bars and clubs when you go for a drink/dance in town at night, so take a taxi home straight from the door. If you're a guy or with a group, its obviously different, but still be careful walking home (drunk) over the beach and keep an eye out for muggers. about 5 years ago