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Tour leader for Morocco putting my experience to Morocco visitor to offer them the best trip. With a team of young Nomads we are happy to show you the best places in Morocco. we suggest itineraries and take you around.

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December 2013

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    Are there any specific concerns being female traveling to Morocco? What should I be conscious of?

    Hi Emily, Morocco is safe and you can travel around with no major problem if you stick to some pieces of advice. You do not need specific clothing mainly in touristy cities such as Marrakech since laods of Tourists are visiting..other places it would be recommended to have some longer covering clothes...But Morocco is modern and you can see many ladies with short pans.. You get to walk in the main streets, and avoid going alone in the alleys of the medina or stay till late at night. If you have another travel body, it will be good idea and people will respect you whenever you go. If anyone asking for something ( to buy in his Shop), just refuse politely and people will leave you alone. I did not see any threats related to a woman travelling in Morocco, but vigilance to any place you go to would be the solution to have a pleasant vacation. Enjoy your travels over 4 years ago

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    privat tour for 2015

    Hi, There are plenty of options. PM for specific needs. Mohamed almost 6 years ago

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    I am traveling to Morocco in January with my wife and daughter. Any suggestions on what to do or where to stay in Casablanca and Marrakesh?

    Hello Travelling in January? right. This would be a great time if you choose properly where to stay in Morocco. Casablanca and Marrakech are better known Morocco cities, but it is not a must see! Marrakech is almost on your way if you want to see the different places in Morocco. You may land in Fez, Marrakech or Casablanca since they have the main Morocco airports. Then you move down to the South where it gets warmer. Beautiful sun adn perfect weather. I recommend to take a tour to Desert Sahara of Erg Chebbi and have some days in Agadir if you are looking to escape from the home cold winter. In the Mountains it gets cold, and only recommened if you want to Ski. So your Morocco vaction focus on the Southern part of Morocco and it ranges from cities, desert, beaches. If you have anything specific post it here. Have a wonderful vacaction. about 7 years ago