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April 2010

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    Where to buy good Asam and/or Sarawak Laksa in Sydney? maybe here? this place has been getting good reviews forever but maybe it's a bit out of the way. i haven't eaten here for some time so unsure if it's still good. over 10 years ago

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    Where can I find a justice of the peace in Sydney CBD?

    I have always found a JP at a Post Office but I believe they don't necessarily have to have one working there. over 10 years ago

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    Travelling to Algeciras

    Hey thanks for these ideas. I will be travelling by train - probably without a pass cause I'm only making a couple of train trips. I checked out Conil de la Frontera and was amazed to see how many bars it had. Must admit that kind of put me off - maybe I'm too old to get excited about bars. I should have said I have passed the official 1/2 way mark in life! Both replies have given me more stuff to throw around as possibilities. Thanks. Much appreciated. over 10 years ago