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Besides traveling, I enjoy photography, kayaking, fishing, camping and anything to do with exploring the outdoors. About an hours drive to my west is the Gulf of Mexico, the same distance east is the Atlantic Ocean. In between are scores of springs & miles of rivers to explore & enjoy.

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United States Gainesville, Florida, United States


August 2011

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    Places to stop Driving from Seattle to Portland

    I love Hwy 101 along the Oregon/Washington coastlines. If you have the time, you could take one of the ferries from Seattle across Puget Sound, get on Hwy 101 and drive up to Port Angeles & around to the Pacific Ocean (check out the amazing Olympic National Park) and then make your way south on 101 to Oregon. Terrific beach & mountain scenery so take your time. over 9 years ago

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    I may be visiting Reno, Nevada in mid August an may have a day free... What are the "must do" things?

    I was in Reno many years ago one winter, cross country skiing near the shore of Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful. I'm sure it's equally nice in the summer, minus the snow. If you like the outdoors, hiking the Lake Tahoe area would probably be enjoyable. I'm not much of a gambler, but I recall the free food in the casinos was great. over 9 years ago

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    I've heard about severe thief problems all around PerĂ¹...is that true?

    I was in Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley & the Puno/ Lake Titicaca area in '08 with my Dad, sister & a friend for about 3 great weeks. We were with a travel company called Bargain Peru. They arranged for the accommodations (inexpensive but comfortable hostels) & tours. I am fluent in Spanish & was easily able to communicate with the locals, who are very friendly. None of us had any trouble with theft. Trusted local advice can steer you away from risky parts of town as well as to the nicer, safer areas. Don't flash jewelry, cameras, etc. Don't dress like a rich foreigner. Be respectful & humble with the local folk & they will help you. Wander with a group, or at least a buddy. Have fun, but use common sense. When traveling, never trust strangers who approach & attempt to engage you or sell something, if you need information ask a shopkeeper or bus driver. There's a group called South American Explorers that's a great resource for travelers & expats. They have clubhouses in Lima & Cusco. Enjoy your trip, just don't be foolish & arrogant. It's an amazing country. I'd go back in a heartbeat if I had the $$. about 9 years ago