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May 2009

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    is it safe to cross the israel - jordan border without a group of tourists? and what about the journey back?

    hey there, i did that trip (to petra in jordan) in january 2009 with a jewish american. first a little scary (cause you never know), but after getting used to it, totally fine! so we were two, all people we met very friendly, no bad feelings. we did a one day tour, so crossed the border near eilat early in the morning and came back at last possible time (20:00). so you'd need to be a little more precise what your concerns are...? enjoy your time there! over 10 years ago

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    Advise on travel in Cambodia

    I was in Cambodia in March 2009 and after Thailand and Laos a little bit disappointed. Angkor Wat IS amazing and a must do, as well as seeing the Mekong (we went up to Kratie), but the country for me is at the moment (of course due to the sad history) overcompensating tourism as a new income factor. It is f*** expensive in relation to the richer neighbour Thailand and due to the unsecure area (mines) not recomendable to travel off the roads, meaning you are somehow bound to the touristic areas and roads :( and Siem Reap is full of rich, western tourists who just come to see the world cultural heritage and sad enough somehow shape the view of the tourists... a little bit off the track you can experience amazingly friendly people who really are interested in communication and not only dollars... over 11 years ago

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    Any recommendations for a good program for India two weeks time (I know it's short...)? And therefore better to fly into Mumbay or Delhi?

    Hm, what about the weather conditions in the south in the end of August... Kerala... It is still the rainy season, isn't it? over 10 years ago