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Luis Novo

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I used to be a official tourist guide and nowadays I work in social media. I live in Lisbon and I love travel and photography.

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Portugal Lisbon, Portugal


July 2011

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    What’s the best places to discover Lisbon by night?

    For sightseeing, S. Pedro de Alcantara and all the downtown. To have a drink and enjoy yourself Bairro Alto, you'll find a lot of nice bars there. You can even try listen to Fado (traditional song) or, more mainstream, docks (near the river). To enjoy a dance floor the must is Lux (don't miss it). about 9 years ago

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    Where can I try the best "Cozido A Portuguesa" in Lisbon?

    There are a lot of places. My tip is do it for lunch at a regular restaurant, you don' t need nothing fancy. Just go with the flow. Normally restaurants, for lunch, they have a specific day todos serve the dish. I'm not sure, butcher i thinkgeek is on thursday. Enjoy your trip almost 9 years ago

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    If you had money in Portuguese banks what would you do right now?

    Absolutely nothing. I'm portuguese and I have all my money in portuguese banking. about 9 years ago