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    Looking in the US for an urban location as a base, with an abundance of nearby nature experiences. What is the most sustainable destination?

    well there are plenty of nature experiences on the East Coast as well. DC would be a good base as you can easily head south into the Appalachians or catch the train north to New England. almost 11 years ago

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    Whats worth to visit along the coast in Scotland?

    Well, it depends which coast you are talking about. One of my favorite day trips is to the island of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland. Iona was home to one of the earliest Christian monasteries and you can still see a lot of Celtic artifacts and buildings.The beaches there are also a treasure; an otherworldly experience of multicolored rocks and magnificent views. To get there you need to first take a ferry from Oban to Mull, then ground transportation across Mull where you take another ferry to Iona. Enjoy, Scotland is a wonderful place. Matt almost 11 years ago

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    A friend I am leaving on a cruise ,out of San Diego. Anything special about the embarkation or debarkation process in t

    Not really - San Diego cruise port is pretty easy compared to some of the other larger ones around the country (like MIami). If you're flying in, the airport is just a few miles a way. If you're local, I wouldn't necessarily be the first in line to board as after just a couple of hours it will have calmed down considerably. Just make sure you have the necessary documentation with you (the packet the cruise line sent you) as well as passport. Remember - have fun! Matt almost 11 years ago