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November 2015

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    How do I find a modest rental home in a beach community in Costa Rica?

    You could look up real estate agents in Costa Rica and ask them for a list of homes that they have, then compare the different homes to what you find when you get there and ask locals where they stay. I've found that just walking around small towns you can find spots to rent. I'd say a good mix of research ahead of time combined with staying at an inexpensive hostel for a few days while you walked around the town in person and hit up the local spots would give you a good blend of the commercial offerings verse the local expats who are renting their spot for the season. about 3 years ago

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    Is Costa Rica an ideal place for a high school spanish class trip?

    I think so. While I was in Tamarindo Costa Rica I saw a group of High School students working a mission trip or an exchange program and they were being led by a local tico and a white dude who was heading up the organization. I overhead them in conversation with the bank security guard (I was siting at the bank when they arrived) and he mentioned that they were a corporation (which means non profit). It's a very kid friendly place, Tamarindo, near the beach and on the water, and for the most part Costa Rica is one of the more developed places in Central America relying heavily on tourism for it's main GDP driver. about 3 years ago

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    can i use my cell phone in costa rica?

    If you use T-mobile you won't have an issue, you can call for $0.20/minute and you can text and use internet for free. Internet there will not be fast if you are used to a high speed internet in say the USA, Canada, Europe or Korea. You're internet in most wifi spots will be about 1mbps up to 10 mbps, and your cellphone speeds will be between 2G and 4G, generally closer to 2G. If you elect to get internet while you're down there you can pay for high speed (about 4G) and you will be looking at about $40 -50 a month on average. At the time of this writing that was the cost based on my most recent trip 3 days ago. about 3 years ago