Julie Moya

Julie Moya

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About me:

Hey Guys...
I am Julie, made in Australia and Born in Spain...
Migrated to Australia in September 1997... Since I arrived here, travelling, writting and photography is what has been inspiring me and makes me feel alive... I would love to interact with people from all over the world

Living in:

Australia Sydney, Australia


March 2011

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    How dangerous is the crime in Peru?

    Hi David,, Jesse is very right, I went there in 2004 for the first time my family living there and all it was a huge culture shock, but the people are extremely friendly, yet again you need to be real careful with whats going on around you because one little bump with someone expert your wallet would be gone, also exchanging money you would need to be real careful with people on the streets that are afiliated with some exchange houses that look legit but sort of work together and may give you false bills and if you do come back another day they wont do anything for you, so just study the notes and know what the fake one looks. I loved Peru and it is a definitely a country that I will be coming back to, there is so much beauty and so many great places to see and experience and the food is to die for! Have fun! :) almost 10 years ago

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    Whats the best & Cheapest way to convert $AUS to $US

    Hey Ashtan, I went to st george and exchanged it to travellers cheques, the conversion rate is a little higher than notes and the percetange of exchanging is a little lower than cash money, they are pretty save and convenient in the US. almost 10 years ago

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    Hello, is it stupidly stupid to arrive on Ibiza without having accommodation booked?

    In the middle of summer it would be crazy to go without booking accommodation, half of Europe take holidays in August and here in Aus many people would book a year in advance to go to Ibiza in August... Anyhoo, good luck happy travels! over 9 years ago