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February 2009

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    Does anyone know any good, long hikes in Tasmania? I'm up for a challenge and want some pretty scenary. Could include kayaking/rafting

    Hey Alison, I second the discovertasmania.com website, it has a huge amount of information which can be amazingly useful. As far as a hike that I would recommend, there's a few walks up on the Central Highlands which are absolutely stunning which let you test out some navigational skills as well without just trudging a completely obvious pre-made trail. For instance there's a great walk starting from the car park near Lake Ada where (if you have the appropriate transport) you can walk out the Moles Creek entrance, there's some beautiful scenery on the way walking through this lake area, you can climb The Temple and walk through the Walls of Jerusalem. If you want something a little more clear cut and easier you can head up to Wine Glass Bay and go on from the day walk to the beach to the day walk out to Mt. Graham. We took a school group out on this walk and it was more than challenging enough for most of them over the hills, while there was no real chance of being lost in the early stages. Further details are here: http://www.freycinet.com.au/content/index.php/site/the_walk/ P.S. If you do take the Freycinet route, be wary of the first camping site at the end of the beach, as the animals around it are very used to being fed and aren't the best to be around if your food isn't properly secured. Best to keep it as a base and day trek out from there. about 10 years ago