Daniel Harris

Daniel Harris

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February 2009

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    Is V Australia a good carrier for long-haul international flights?

    I flew LA to Sydney on V and was very happy with the service. Not only that, but I connected to a Virgin Blue flight once I got to Sydney. V Australia had a shuttle bus organised so that as soon as I was through customs my bags and I were collected and taken through to our flight with no delays. Recommended! over 10 years ago

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    What is the most scenic route to Canberra from Sydney?

    As Patrick said, go the coast road to Batemans Bay and then from there over the range and up to Canberra. That's a really nice drive with lots of great scenery over 10 years ago

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    What is your best travel tip for backpackers interested in going to Ecuador?

    Awesome things about Ecuador. Otavalo market (don't go for the day, come up the day before). Also, there's an amazing condor park up there (AMAZING!) and lots of walking, such as Quilotoa. Jungles, especially going kayaking or rafting in the jungle. Go to Tena or the Quijos valley, probably steer clear of the Domingo area. Mountains. Where else can you climb a 6000 metre peak without any mountain climbing skill at all (although fitness definitely helps) Beaches. Where the best food is. Food in ecuador is crap, but the seafood is great. Travel tips. You need to take buses. Make sure your bag is manageable so you can look after it yourself. Watch it be put on the bus and keep an eye on it, normally the drivers will lock the tourists bags separately from everyone else, but keep an eye on it. Be aware of scams and pickpockets. Don't walk around Quito at night, there's lots of violent crime. Some spanish definitely helps! Find out what the locals pay (especially for taxis) and go for that, they won't like it but a taxi will take you at the local rate if you bargain. Maybe bring two completely different sets of clothes and ditch one set in Quito. The jungle, south and beaches vary from warm to stinking hot. The mountains vary from cool but pleasant to really cold. Ditching some stuff means you have a lighter bag. SAE in Quito will let you store stuff or some hostels will as well. The Crossroads Hostal in Quito is quite good and they definitely store stuff. Overall it's a really sweet country. cheers harry over 10 years ago