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We operate two vacation villas in rural northeast Thailand, off the beaten path in the typical Thai countryside. Enjoy Thai food.

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Thailand Udon Thani, Thailand


August 2009

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    Can someone recommend a really good eco experience in Thailand?

    Get away from the tourist crowds and head to the rural northeast, and stay in a rural village. Here eco is not a byword but a necessity: harvesting rainwater in areas where there is no mains supply, looking after the land so produce is sustainable, etc. Some places such as Gecko Villa ( to help the local commuity by creating employment and encouraging reforestation, recycling etc. Andaman Discoveries is another option in the south of the country: one of the longest established eco outfits. about 11 years ago

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    Dengue fever repeat infections - how long does one have short-term immunity towards all four serotypes of dengue fever?

    I am often asked about the risk of dengue fever by guests booking our private pool villa in the countryside of northeast Thailand ( I hope you are now fully recovered. However, I would not assume that you are now fully protected for 6-9 months against all serotypes. Current opinion appears to suggest that you can expect immunity for 2-3 months. A secondary infection by a different serotype can be more aggressive than the original infection, and certain co-existing conditions can also increase your susceptibility, so your doctor is best placed to determine what your risks are. Rather than assuming immunity, you should take all sensible steps to reduce chances of a second infection (the use of repellents, mosquito nets, travel in high incidence area etc.) You should find the resources below useful: Nature: World Health Organization I hope this is useful and that you enjoy the remainder of your travels in good health. over 2 years ago