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I am proudly Brisbane born & bred. Travelled around Africa, Europe & Asia on a 10-month gap year in 2010. Just returned to Brisbane after living in Berlin for 2 months!

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Australia Brisbane, Australia


April 2009

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    I'm in canada and my passport and id was stolen. what documents do I need.

    I think the identity requirements are the same regardless of whether you're applying for an emergency or full passport. The requirement of a guarantor may not be needed for an emergency passport application. The identity requirements are listed at However, its probably better to talk to somebody at your closest Australian embassy or consulate. A list of the Australian embassies/consulates can be found (at the bottom) at about 10 years ago

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    I'm looking for a hotel (preferably 4 star, but not too dear) in London near Paddington Station. Something clean and tidy and at £100 max Its a 3-star Best Western / Shaftesbury, 4 minute walk to Paddington Station... I managed to get a £50 single room back in September (booked on the same day). However, it doesn't look like those prices are still offered. over 11 years ago

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    Where in Spain is the best Paella made?

    The Albufera area (who claim to be the inventors of Paella) just south of Valencia is renown locally to have fantastic Paella especially the seafood varieties. Just remember that Paella is always a lunch dish. Outside of lunchtime (and in many touristy restaurants) you're almost always going to get a reheated frozen Paella. about 10 years ago