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I am an avid traveller and perpetual expat. An American in Australia, via England and France. For This TRIP is my website to make it easier for families to travel with their kids.

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September 2011

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    I'm bringing my six-year-old son with me to London for a year. What are the good primary schools around Central London?

    It depends on where you're going to live and whether you want to go public or private. The best public (called state schools in London) schools may be fully subscribed as well. A couple of neighbourhoods to consider: Clapham in the south will have lots of families and good selection of private schools, Wimbledon/Putney are also a good choices in the Southwest, St John's Wood in NW is home to the American School in London and has lots of expats so will have many choices. There are some good schools in the Crouch End/Highgate/Muswell Hill areas of North London to choose from as well. Others from London will be able to provide you with even more ideas. about 9 years ago

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    What's the best place to eat in Southbank, Melbourne

    We had dinner at Nobu last week, excellent. One of my favourites is Taxi, the restaurant above Transport bar, in Federation Square. The Rockpool Bar & Grill is also reliably good in that area. about 9 years ago

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    Safari - Botswana, South Africa, and/or Nambia in July/Aug 2012?

    We did a safari in Botswana in September, though it is dry season from about April - November so you should be ok in July/Aug. It was a great experience with a wide variety of wildlife from lions, buffalo, elephants and giraffe to a wide range of birds, warthogs, and many types of antelope. We camped and it was good weather, though I think it can get pretty cold at night in June/July. Not too many people around either. I've always wanted to go to Namibia for a totally different experience. I haven't been yet so can't compare. about 9 years ago